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Wow just Wow I love reading your informative Rants.

The Following is cops oh Chaos rant and my comments.

“I know what ya mean brother. I’ve a suggestion that no one’s going to want to hear, but it’ll fix a lot of those issues…

World Reset.”

Me: Just as I am Building something? lol Its fine with me and personally I am ok with this idea even though I am well set up on this server I am willing to vote yes for World Reset. Better Now before something big happens.

“This may seem extreme but you have to hear me out… If the server is going to continue to try to run up to date with the new updates, a reset will be inevitable one day. It will have to be done. Rumor has it (just a rumor) that the 1.8 update will be a structure update adding new buildings to the 1.7 biomes. No clue what they’ll be yet, but I’m pretty sure that would mean every new biome that we just brought in will have to be unloaded, again, so that way the game can generate the Mesa Indian Reservation or whatever. That means, if you’ve built there, you’re stuff’s gotta get moved again. Even if 1.8 doesn’t update structures (I’ve heard it will be a mob update as well) there will eventually be another update down the road adding new biomes again. Resetting will have to happen eventually no matter what. What happens when there are no more diamonds? Unlikely this will happen, but still, a shortage is completely possible. Some freak might strip mine the entire server and there’s really no rule saying he can’t. Some times, it’s just best to start from scratch.”

Me: Again I have to agree we have how many thousands of blocks and chunks loaded? Plus the update has messed up the land formation between 1.6 to 1.7 and to make ti look nice would mean hours of work. This also means people will have to walk (run skip fly portal and etc.) even further to get to the new places. I hate to say that many of Solars amazing builds would be gone if we reset and all the work put into spawn. But finally Its inevitable we will have to reset eventually and like chaos said Better now then later, also when chaos goes on a rant it always has a great if not best point.

I know that by doing this, some players will leave the server, possibly for good. Then again, other players might actually return. I wouldn’t even worry about that being an issue. Personally, I’d rather have quality players than a large quantity of players any day of the week. I care very little for playing on a server with 200 active members. I’d personally prefer a 20 member server full of dedicated pro-level players that specialize in MineCraft baddassary.

Me: Unfortunately this very may well happen to players. Now this is where I feel torn I love how many new players are joining and a lot are great builders but I have to agree with Chaos, I would personally like to have a small select group of people on this server so we would be able to Skype and etc like the mindcrackers have done. Yes this would mean only about 20 or so people would be on this server and the rest…. ya.
The negative about this is that new players wouldn’t be able to join and etc and some current players would be kicked. But listen! This would mean the community would grow really close and a majority of plugins installed wouldn’t be needed like grief protection( or whatever its called). This would aslo mean we can talk to each other easier. Heres a solution to the players that would be kicked, We open another server for which they can join. This would allow us to test players to see if they can be added to the other one( if you know what i mean)
Again I want to stress that i love how many players join and we can talk to and how much I want them to stay. Going back to people now being able to play on the one where only selected players would be, I know that Cyn gets money from donators and other things and if we did do this it would limit that but if that second server is open he would still be able to. (sorry if this all didnt make any sense)

“I’d trade 500 players to have that crew on my team. So if people run from the idea of a reset, the one’s that matter have proven they’re willing to buckle down and tear out some excellence.”

Me: This backs up what i Just said. ^

“MindCrack’s success isn’t the fact that it’s a large server. It works because less than 30 people have agreed to work together and make something amazing. They plan ahead, they keep in touch via Skype and emails. They know what needs to be done to benefit everyone on the server, so when they said, “No one go past 6000 blocks from spawn so we can update the server later,” no one did. Without the aid of an invisible border or world edit or even a giant wall, they followed the rules, and the update went without a hitch. No need of a reset…”

Me: Further backs up what I said and I like this idea of selected few but I also don’t want to cut anyone out.

Thanks again for reading this (or being able to) and I hope you agree with me about this and I also hope that Cyn agrees with the two servers idea.