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Personally, I”m completely cool with it, just as long as it doesn’t become the new game. I don’t wanna spend 8 hours cleaning up every single day. Pranks are cool, in moderation. Otherwise, it just gets boring and annoying.

you referred to mindcrack. I’ve noticed lately, the pranks are kinda “beneficial”. Which I think is cool. If you needed tons of Red Clay Blocks, if I prank you, I should use Red Clay Blocks somehow. I dunno.

I think common, respected ground rules would be-
1. Nothing that can be considered Ban worthy in way of griefing or raiding. You know when you’re pranking someone if you’re crossing the line. Tip toe up to it. Dance on it. Don’t cross it. Respect is key.
2. Do nothing that results in the player’s death or the irreversible destruction of ones items, builds, livestock, belongings, etc.
3. Be nice? Don’t single one person out or pick on a specific individual. Thats just mean
4. Remember, we’re neighbors. We still have to live beside one another.