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Admins allowed to spawn mobs in places such as an arena

-Valid Unbiased Points
1. It’s your server, do whatever you want. You don’t need the player’s permissions for anything. Do whatever you think benefits the server for the long haul.
2. Can players then request for mobs/mob spawners to be spawned into the game? Better legitimate question, for how much? Seems fair if they pay for it.
3. Spawning a creature in creative mode seems okay. Why not blocks? (Which I’m personally against, but I have to play devil’s advocate…) But, how far do we stray from vanilla? We can already alter the day/night/rain cycle and teleport, create indestructible buildings, make our belongings locked to everyone, and are immune to creepers. If we spawn in our own creatures now instead of actually doing the work to get them there, whats the difference in blocks?

All speculative rhetoric.
I’m actually for the idea.