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1. If I do whatever I want most people will just leave. (I see massive fireballs and lots of innovative ways to kill people.) So I stick to agreed upon rules.

2. When I wrote the question I was thinking of mini games for players to test themselves against a mob. My intent for this change is not to allow players to easily build massive farms for items but for arenas for fighting.
3. Again here the intent is not to gather items but for mob fighting. Timing of mob release and types of mob fights would be tough to do without some creature spawning.

Previously a poll was held for the removal of residences who’s creator has not been on in a long time. This motion passed unanimously 8 to 0. This will be the rule:
If a residence that is not being used, has passed its usefulness, and the builder has not been online for more than 45 days (website absence) then an admin can put the property up for sell at a fair value at the time of listing. If property has a chestshop unsold materials will be returned to the owner if possible. Property listing is at the sole discretion of the admins and moderators.

If the new vote about mob spawning is passed the rule will be along the lines of:
Builders may request for mob dispensers if they build a suitable arena for mob fights. The purpose of the mob fights must not be for resource gathering and item pickup will likely be blocked. Arenas should have some kind of scoring system and must be for public use.