Re: MC Bad Login


Ya Mojang is a real pain sometimes. Although this latest problem was just targeting versions below 1.7.2. Such as ours.

As of today November 23, Bukkit does not have 1.7.2 development yet. There are some branches of Bukkit such as Spigot that have fixed the network protocols enough that we can connect to the 1.6.4 server from a 1.7.2 client. There is no new block support yet and the game is still actually 1.6.4.

I am not very happy with being pushed into the position of running a development release but at least you can connect now.

I do not know if we will be sticking with this setup. We may be downgrading to 1.6.4 again to run a stable server until 1.7.2 has been developed more (this update has a ways to go still.)

Anyways you can connect to our server by switching to version 1.7.2 Enjoy.