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If you’ll allow a rebuttal. Flying does not make traveling between two points completely easy, but the ability to teleport on the other hand, does. I argue that if we are going to have a system that works for instant teleportation, why not slower means of travel? Airships only move at the normal rate of a regular boat, which you can out run on foot, be it not for the water. We have horses, which are faster three fold to boating. Hell, even pigs could out run one. The only real tactical advantage is making yourself safe from mobs, which personally, is not the reason why I would be doing it, although I see others having the potential to exploit this. Not my case. I simply want to build something amazing and see it move. I want to create a “thing” and control it and see it soar.

If anyone has ever played with me knows, I love caving, but I only cave in order to acquire resources for builds. My vault is no where near full. I live like a hermit in a bunker under my RV. I’m a builder. I’d like to say I’m a pretty decent player on survival hard, but my forte is building things. I’ve never wanted to use a mod so bad in my life. The controls suck, the movement is slow, but it still seems awesome. It would be impossible to work with in order to aid in building projects.

Just throwing copper in the bucket.

Regardless, I still plan on building airships, even if they’re stationary and never move.