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Ok, I want to get some things off my chest.

First of all i find griefing lame and stupid to, why people do that i dont know either.
But what i want to know chaos, Why do you choose to take real life into the game?
With all respect, Im sorry for your child, but why ingame? What is the point of that. You dont see me making monuments for my passed away grandpa, grandma, or whatever. Why? Perhaps it is your choice ok…But then, why in the spawn area?.
My opinion is, keep real life and gaming apart.

Secont, You talking about immature talking, playing..Whatever.
Ok, i think to its quite easy to get whitelisted whitout even knowing if they are adults or not,
I think there are some non adults in here aswell, but you cant help that. Exept to throw them out if they missbehave or act inapropiate.. The point of a whitelist is to keep at least a few assholes out, most of them dont even take the time to sign up anyway.

And if you talk about imature..Why the hell are you whining about a bat that got killed?
Are you sure some player did it? isnt it just a bug/error? or something else?.

With all those options to teleport away its quite easy yea, but i make handy use of it,
For myself i like the server as it is, im a builder not an real survival player anyway.
But even with the teleport options i die haha.

Im sorry i builded next to your plot, I didnt know, didnt think about your residence.
If i knew i made it somewhere else.

I Find it sad that you are leaving,
By this reaction on your topic i dont mean to be rude or offend you.

The time that i had with you online to i liked.

Sorry for my bad english,