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So there’s a mouthful. From day one I have told members that this is their server. If you want to enact changes bring them up and we can decide as a group what to do about them. I may not have a streamlined process setup that showcases a system of rule and policy changes but I do look for these things and make changes when a majority agree.

Apparently I need to make sure we are properly labeled and advertise ourselves correctly.

About the creepers, I don’t know why they are not hurting players. I have been working on fixing this problem and I have not had much luck yet. I am sorry that this is ruining your experience.

For teleportation what bugs you? Is it how many teleports people have or the fact that they exist at all? Should residences not have a teleport, should users not have sethome or should we not have teleports to public buildings? Were not even using warps yet. I personally don’t see the fun in running everywhere but as above this is a members server and members make the choices.

Whitelist, So as I understand it you have three problems with the whitelist. One being how we have users join the group, with the quality of those users and then another being that were not a true whitelist. What do you want to base the whitelist on? Previous bans? We would not have some of the great users we have today. An application that someone approves? A Google of a user? I’ve thought that a $1 refundable charge would be a great way to see if someone is 18+ but then we start to exclude those in different countries. If we are a true whitelist how do potential members know its a live server worth joining or not? The way I see it, anyone who will be a griefer or raider will be able to sneak though just about any application system. The solution I see as working is keep track of who does what and then revert what the griefers do and give them a nice ban to finish off the situation, result: Griefer/hacker gone. The signup process on our website does deter a lot of people that would just cause problems on the server. I would say half of our problems go away just because we ask them to signup.

Every time someone get through our security I have improved it. I keep a very close eye on the server and make sure that we’re not being compromised and that game play is fair. Hackers are becoming a rare occurrence in our world. . . For now at least.

I don’t think anyone reads the rules when they join. I wish they would.

If you don’t like what people say /ignore them. I’ve said this before, I highly recommend it, I will recommend it in the future. Most of those conversations about poop and other nonsense are usually by people who are scouting and they leave in a few minutes anyways.

If you don’t want people using your residence teleport then turn it off /res set tp false. If you still want to teleport to your res then set your permissions to teleport true /res pset yourname tp true.

I have had people mine under my residence as well. It sucks and they are rude. I could find out who did it but there are currently no rules against it. So what do we do about it? Could make a rule that people would never read. I finally realized that there are way more minerals left behind than picked up. So personally I just shrugged it off and kept mining.

About the community interacting. I dont see the problem here. From what I see mailboxes were almost instantly adopted and used by many, members help others, new users are getting help by new members. I am really happy with the community feel up to this point. Every month our members seem to get closer and the group grows. Given we only have a few great community members join each month we are still getting a good core group that gets along very well.

You talk about people criticizing your builds but isn’t that one of the benefits of being on a multiplayer server? Getting feedback and input on your builds? Personally I really like other peoples input and thoughts. Are they proposing a better solution? And when they don’t have a better solution I sit behind my monitor and laugh about the fact I did it easier, faster, and better then they are recommending.

About 1.7 I am still unsure what I am going to do. The only thing I am certain of is that I will not be resetting the world. I have been playing with reseeding sections of the current map, expanding the border, or maybe something else. I really don’t know yet. Everything kind of depends on when does 1.7 come out and how big our community is by then.

I went through the logs last night to find out who would have killed the bat. Interesting result. No one killed your bat, I think he flew out of the area.

So I have gotten a little long and out of control on this post and it has taken a while to write.

Chaos, buddy its been a superb blast playing with you. I really enjoyed how you built up spawn and improved the server for all of the other members. You have truly been a positive and dependable player on our server. You are also a really good caring friend and I hope we can keep in touch through the future. Its a bummer to see you go but I understand all things must change and I wish you the best in your search for a new server.

If any other members have some input on these issues and what they would like to see changed, I would appreciate your comments for future rule or policy modifications.