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Other servers I’ve been investigating offer a diamond for a vote. Voting on all three sites would produce a diamond pick everyday, which I would find more useful than money. That’s just me. Then the diamonds collected could be sold back to the server if they wish and make money that way.

Another idea I had, now this one’s a little out there, people could actually follow suit and start businesses and employ players. Like a real job. LOL. Perhaps the server could even start giving out loans with interest? If you don’t pay the server back in the allotted time, consequences. Although, this seems rather difficult to manage in theory.

We could start some type of server wide lottery and buy “tickets” for prizes. Again, dunno how that would be put into practice, but it sounds pretty cool at least.

The money issue, sheesh. I dunno brother. There’s only like 5 shops on the entire server it seems. Even if there were more, I don’t know how many people actually take the time to go shopping. I’ve got a lot of ideas for things (TONS) and I could open 30 shops, but I don’t have enough residence slots to do it, hence why my two shops are side by side sharing the same res. Also, I don’t want to invest the time into building a bunch of shops if the demand isn’t there in the first place.

Maybe, here me out, maybe we could spend our money, a crazy amount of it, and the admins would give us privileges? Like,…. I dunno,…. $2000 for the ability to fly for an hour or $5000 for an hour of god mode? Just an idea, not sure if I even like it. Brainstorming.

Anyhow, lunch break’s over, back to the brewery. TTYL