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Yes, we most certainly do accept purchase orders.

So, let’s haggle-

As you know, glowstone is incredibly hard to get due to the environment and ghasts in the nether. I can/will get you 2 stacks of glowstone (i’m assuming dust, I’m without a silk touch pick myself). For 2 stacks of glowstone I would typially charge 4 diamonds due to the dangerousness of the situation, but since you have went through the proper channels and contacted me directly via the forum, half off. 2 diamonds for 2 stacks of glowstone dust. I believe this is a more than fair trade, but as always, I love negotiating, so if you think you are getting cheated out of loot, say so, and we’ll haggle further.

2 stacks of Bookcases are simple to get for you, although time consuming. 64 to a stack times 2= 128 times 3 books per block= 384 leather… bunch of dead cows. Lots of killing and breeding, as well as wheat farming for the food… How about a 8 diamonds at a 50% discount. 4 total

So your total will be a payment of 6 diamonds altogether. If you agree, we can move on to the paperwork stage next and I’ll go over the contract with you. Additionally, I require half of the payment in advance.

Silk touch- I need one too, BAD. I have kimmy trying to find me one, but to no avail. I may take up my own bookshp and grind like crazy. Free market economy afterall…. I’m paying 3 diamonds for a silk touch book.

Gimme a message back and let me know.

Also, Could you install a mailbox near your res? I’m gonna build a post office soon…