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I’d like to hit it with an organized attack plan. That way new players can join in and immediately have food and shelter to survive the first night.

I’ve thought about breaking into separate teams of people. Those that are good at survival be the scouts and go explore the land, but not settle. We could hook them up with food and maps and send them off. If they find something indispensable (mycelium for instance) Bring it back to spawn.

Another team could be on building shelters and clearing land, while yet another do nothing but hardcore farming of all crop types and all animal breeds.

Perhaps another team devoted to lighting spawn and keeping guard. I dunno.

Regardless, I think if we hit it simultaneously, we’d be set up splendidly within a couple of hours. At least, that’s my plan anyhow. It was hard starting off, but once I had steady food, life got easier quick. I’m interested in villager breeding and trading right off the bat, so once we settle spawn, I’d like to move near a village if no one has a complaint. I wanna set up villager trade right off the bat and work on an iron farm.

It’d be cool if we all agreed not to unload an ungodly amount of the map, so we can update later on. Like stick to one continent or something of the like. I don’t even know what seed we will be using. I mean, I’d love to help pick one out, but then, I’d know every where to go, so that’s kinda cheating. But, you get what I’m saying. Don’t wanna travel 3000 blocks to find sand or something like that.