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    Now I have recently seen donators given the ability to fly and use godmode.
    I can understand giving special perks to donators but that is pushing the envelope.

    One of the definitions on Cheating (not saying you are but you kinda are) Is giving an unfair advantage to players.
    Now i Know they payed good money for thier Perks but giving them flying and Godmode? Why dont we give them creative well we are at it!
    They may have paid for these perks but no player unless they are admin and are fixing something that was greifed SHOULD NOT have God Mode or Flying.

    Now you may say We paid for it or it was in the Donator Status!.

    To that I would say Why dont we give You CREATIVE so you can have unlimited Diamonds! Now i know the people that have donated are good people but No one is above the Law (line whatever). Give them the hats plugin sure! special Deals at spawn! Sure More /sethomes! Sure! More Res! Sure,

    But Giving them God Mode? and Flying! GIVE THEM CREATIVE well your at it!.
    It gives them to much! IT will allow them to go mining without the risk of dieing! and much more!

    Sorry if I sound a little Mad but thats because I am. Sorry if this offends anyone but something has to be changed!

    Thanks for reading and just want to say this is my view and everyone has their own say…..


    I didn’t want to say anything but I agree, the sponsor is gamebreaking. Maybe they could have a monthly bonus gift like a stack of diamonds or emeralds or a mob egg or beacon. And I’m not just saying this because I don’t have the sponsor and I’m jealous, it’s because personally I feel the godmode and flying perks are a deterrent rather than a incentive to get it. I’d rather play the game the way it was meant to be played. I think everyone wants to play the game the way it was designed? maybe I’m wrong.

    Nevertheless If I were a sponsor I would be happy to just know I am helping the server run smooth for myself and everyone else. That’s my insight but it doesn’t effect me if people have godmode and fly so I don’t care. This isn’t exactly a PvP server so no player can have an advantage over me.

    No offense to anyone, do you. I could care less. nothing NEEDS to change in my opinion. If Cyn feels that the sponsor must come with these perks then so be it, he knows more than me, lol. Although there must be some alternatives he has overlooked?

    There should be a poll on this…


    There should be a poll


    God mode and fly are not currently being implemented the way I want them to be.

    I do understand your frustration and the last thing that I want to do is overpower the sponsors with game breaking abilities. I may have gotten a little carried away in looking for things to add. As an FYI the version of god mode they had would not protect against PVP action, just PVE. None the less sponsor benefits is something I care very much about, god mode was overpowering and permissions as a whole is something that will be continually reworked.

    My original intention was to allow users to pay to enable god mode for 5 minutes at a time and then have to pay again. I thought this would be a really nice way to counter the “OMG Zombie killed me took my sword n armor and now I can’t even TP back without dying” problem. The downfall right now is that there is no timer and so sponsors are able to get away with just having it on.

    If you would still like for me to start a poll, this timed version of god mode is the one I would want for us to vote on. And Keen your right that we do not have to offer it. I just thought it sucked when you lose a whole set of enchanted armor and tools. Then I released the permission before it was right (bad move on my part).

    For now I am working on the website aspect of the group and how we are going to tackle the promotion of the group. Then I will figure out how to use god the way I envision it being helpful, yet not overpowering.


    Hello all,

    I can understand why you are angry Fade,
    But there are a few things i want to say to.

    I agree at some points with you about the GodMode part, i think its maybe a bit to much (in this state).

    I payed for sponsor rank, to help finance the server, for the work cynix is putting in, AND for the stuff i get for it.
    Mainly i payed for the fly mode ability and the bigger residences.

    In my opinion, flymode is not an issue, sponsoring must be rewarding for people who pay,
    and flymode is a big thing in drawing people over the line of sponsoring or not.
    And since we pay ingame money to, i definedly think sponsors deserve it.

    However, what i talked to cynix about, I think non donators maybe should have some abilitys to (fly),
    but then for maybe 75% more ingame money, and if they are trusted players.

    Its fully up to cynix what to do, we only can make suggestions,
    but i payed for the stuff i got now, And to take it away will be a bummer (godmode i can understand).

    It is ofcourse evryone’s choice to sponsor or not, but if you pay, you get more, always have bin, always will be. No offence.



    God Mode? I think that a five minute timer on that is fine. Currently its awful expensive to buy it, equivalent to 5 days of voting. so you can turn on godmode once every 5 days unless you’re Bane. ha.
    With thend being what it is, and so easy to get to, godmode really isn’t necessary. I think that yes, it sucks to lose your stuff. It makes me mad when it happens. I would tend to agree that its gamebreaking if you can just turn it on. Go spend a few minutes and enchant a new set of gear, all the while cursing yourself for playing hopscotch over lava.

    Flying is another matter. I love flying. I use it to travel and to make large, vertical builds, and to correct errors that would have been too much of a pain in the ass to go fix once the build is done. I’d fly all the time if I could. Its not as fast as riding a horse, and its very useful.


    To be honest, I’m not that fussed about being able to fly. I signed up as a sponsor before the perks were finalized. It is useful, I admit, but I built my tallest builds without it so I wouldn’t be bothered if it disappeared.

    God mode? Never used it.

    I understand the frustration that this is supposed to be a vanilla server (although /vote day for me is more game breaking than flying). I also see Cyn’s problem: how does he get people to sign up as sponsors?

    How about we put that to Keen and Fade? What would it take to get you guys to part with your hard-earned money, seeing as you haven’t taken the plunge just yet?


    The reason I complained was about the God Mode and I know the sponsors payed real money yayaya, What i was saying was I don’t think God Mode should be implemented at all. Lets say you dies and lost your stuff to a zombie horde. Ok What do you do? You make a cheep set of armor and a Bow and kill them at range and take your stuff back. If you cant just walk back or its to far to that I would say tough luck Go remake all your tools I have had to do this a lot and its a big part of the game. But you could say Oh I lost my silk touch pick! Ya I have been there and I know how angry you can get over that. That is where I could understand wanting to use Godmode But! Maby instead we could have it to as where you would be protected from damage after teleporting for about 30 seconds? I feel as if this is one of those things where we have it or we don’t.

    This is how I view it and here is another scenario: A new Player Joins and sees a person flying around they will think this server is full of Hax or is really cheap. Not saying all New players will but I just don’t want the server getting a bad rep.

    Again this is just my opinion and all I was trying to say here was I think we should keep this Vanilla as possible. I love this server and I hope you can all see what I mean and that you don’t take this the wrong way as to how I never meant it to be.

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