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    He stole diamonds among other items from me, and I saw him around Deda’s town on the dynmap. I don’t know what else he has done but he claims to be mhoppy’s brother. He even admitted to stealing the diamonds, I forgot to take a screenshot but the chat logs should be around 5:40 on 12/29/2013.


    How’d he get access to your chests? Or do you mean like mining your shafts?


    DragonAce3 is my brother. I apologize if he stole or broke any other rules. I do not know how he found out what server I am on but i would be more than happy if he was banned from the server.


    Status update:

    Dragon and Cat talked then Dragon gave cat his items back. Catboy decided not to have him banned.

    In the investigation we found he also took from xDeda. He gave me the items taken and I was able to return them to where they were taken from.

    No vote to ban dragon was ever called for by members during this process.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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