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    Hello, everyone! How are you all? -pause- I’m doing well, also!

    Anywho, onto the topic at hand. I recently just got a new(used) computer far better than my previous one and I want to get back into Minecraft. I’m looking to play with other adults so I don’t feel like a total creep. The previous server I was on, people just started building really close (I’d been gone due to the computer issues) and just the THOUGHT of moving all of my things and starting over made me want to cry. Plus everyone was loud and obnoxious a lot of the time and I felt like just another face in the crowd.

    So hopefully I can mingle with you all and get to enjoying this fine game yet again!


    Welcome to the forum Izzie 🙂


    Welcome Izzie,

    Fortunately we all feel your pain and have rules about building right next to someone without permission and obnoxious people do not last long here.

    I look forward to playing with you in our Minecraft world and hope you enjoy building here.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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