Grief at spawn

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    So today when i went onto the dynmap as i was logging into the server i seen a bunch of lava at spawn near the melons and sugarcane. When i went to investigate there was no lava flow easily visible, but i found it under the melons, thus ruining the redstone wiring. There was a rose left near one of the pressure plates which led to it. As well, there were random holes dug near the Crafting and Repair building, one which led to a deeper sections torn out. I clean all this up and fixed the wiring, only to find some more griefing at my potions building near spawn as well. Nothing major, easily fixed… but very strange. There was also as issue with the doors at the Crafting and Repair being glitched and invisible.


    not sure as well.. there is a wall at right at spawn that is empty, not sure it it had signs on it like the other one


    Someone is a craft griefer… but still I believe Cynixx can see who last modified a certain block so if you left at least something that the person altered before you fixed he should be able to see it (I think, I might just be pulling this out my ass but I swear I heard this was possible before)


    It is possible. I caught this act of grief early and I thought I undid everything before anyone noticed. I guess there were some traces left behind that I did not catch. Thanks for catching and fixing these for us Scotty. These guys have been banned since the incident.


    so with the nether hub cna we no t have a sqaure but instead have bulding comp. at spawn and see what initial design the nether hub should be? also can you seriosly remove the building barriers in the nether hub, i tried to work on it the other day and couldnt because I was blocked from building

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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