I Griefed :(

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    So, I did it. I’m the one who opened his mouth about how much he hated it, and I’m the first fool to do it.
    Here’s the story-

    So, my good buddy Cynix is outta town, so I volunteer to look after his place a bit. Poor guy’s only got two cows, so I take up breeding them a bit. Get their numbers up.

    Dude is running low on bone meal, so I collect like 40 stacks of it for him. Wild chickens running everywhere (not my fault, I swear) that I had to kill.

    And now, next on my list of chores was to collect a massive amount of wood from his tree farm for him. Um, little did I know, you can actually overload this machine. I had no clue. I’m standing there planting trees one second and the next… it just stops. I go over to the reset switch, it does nothing. Now, I officially freak out. Cynix has been so awesome and so welcoming to me and here I’ve messed up his Mecca of Flora Destruction. Several people came to try to fix it, but after a hot minute, I just asked everyone to stop. I know what it’s like when I break one of my own machines, I’m the only one that will know how to fix it. Others tried to help, maybe we all screwed it up worse together? I dunno. But, I’m taking the heat for it. It was on my watch that it happened and it was me standing on the pressure plate. I still don’t know how I even messed it up, but, it was 100% my fault.

    Since, Cyn’s not around at the moment to restore it, and I have no clue how, I built him an automatic charcoal cooker right beside of his tree farm in the hopes that when he does get it working again (fingers crossed) that he will have an infinite supply of charcoal for torches and cooking and smelting. Completely 100% renewable, no caving required. This is the best I could come up with for reimbursement off of the top of my head.

    So, here I stand before you, my dear friends. I raise my hand and admit it, I griefed the admin. THE ADMIN OF ALL PEOPLE!!! I would NEVER do anything to intentionally fuck up Greg’s server. He and I have actually become pretty good friends now. But, rules are rules. I griefed. And with that, I should be punished.

    I throw myself on your mercies. I do not wanna leave this server, but if you guys think it would be for the best, then I’ll not argue. Perhaps a one week ban is in order. Whatever you all decide, I just want you to know, I’ve enjoyed my time with you all and harbor no hard feelings to anyone. You’re my friends, video game or not. I love each and every one of you down to your gooey marshmallow centers. Thank you all for the laughs. And, with that, I leave you to your decision.

    So long, and thanks for all the dirt.
    As always, watch your back for creepers and keep stacking those blocks.


    From what has happened that i have heard i would say that everyone messes up accidentally sometimes and seeing as to how you didn’t mean to and were trying to help. I would say you shouldn’t get banned or even punished seeing as to how you meant no harm.


    Dude, you’re fine. That machine has been broken at least 3 times so far. There was absolutely no way you could have known, and everybody knows you had no intention of breaking it. You shouldn’t be be punished for something that wasn’t your fault.


    ROFL you dweeb!

    Get back in the server. Officially that is not grief. And I will make it so in the rules. LOL, come on man what you did was not intentional and I appreciate you helping out while I was out of town.

    I wonder if I can make a warning light come on for when the stack is full. Cat any thoughts?

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