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    We are in need of a Nether Hub. If we are to build one (legit) I would like to have the admin’s to respond to this Topic If they agree/disagree with the following. ( Leave a comment if you want to join and if the your the admin leave a comment please on this topic.)

    Part One: Players Included on the Build.

    I would like to have a list of Players who are going to be on the (N.H.B.) Nether Hub Build.

    1. I was Planing on having 5 Players Max for the (N.H.B.) aka Nether Hub Build. (admins are in the Build team and don’t Fill up the 5 slots for the Build Team.)

    Part two: Rewards/Perks (can be changed Depending on what the Build Team Needs/wants.)

    1. All N.H.B. Players Get an extra /sethome for Teleporting to and from the Build.

    2. The N.H.B Players Get a Title (The Build team can decide this)

    Ideas for the Title:
    1. Nether Hub Builder
    2. Nether Spawn Builder

    Part Three: Players on N.H.B

    1. Death_crusader
    2. Deiron
    3. TheBrownCloud (if I miss spelled sorry.)
    4. (undecided)
    5. (undecided)
    (any more that we feel needed)

    Part Four: I will continue this Topic (if the Admins want to say anything about this Topic Please Do and I refer you to Part 1.)


    A nether hub has been the topic of many discussions. Most of which were in game. Using a thread to list build methods, responsibilities, and times for builders to meet and work together here could be very beneficial.

    In response to your post:

    Part 1 – Why limit the number of players on the build? I could understand searching for good builders to help but why only 5?

    Part 2 – Builders of community projects will not get special privileges or titles. We have been looking into a website awards system to where builders of public projects could get a medal or badge on the website but this is still in the infant stages of development and may not be implemented at all.

    Part 3 – I would suggest inquiring here about the interest of others to participate on this project and letting each person post their desire to help and area of expertise. This way each can post with their own ideas to help improve the overall project rather than exclude builders who, you may not have meet, have showed an interest in this project before this post (there are more than 5 people who have expressed an interest in this project to me.)


    I’ll join, I’m invincible to lava and stuff already. And honestly the whole extra home thing is unecessary, I have 2 unused residences left I can just residence an area down there and allow teleport access to other builders.


    Thanks Cyn for responding to my Topic. As for the Limit I was Seeing is that might be a good idea cause is we have a certain amount of Builders on the Build then we can all meet up at the same time ect.(there dosnt need to be a limit) . As for not getting a title I was seeing if getting one was possible and wasn’t trying to be greedy about it. (it was out of curiosity.) As for what you said in Part 3. I agree with you completely and wasn’t trying to exclude anyone this Post was only to See what others thought of it and wanted to improve. I did not intend or try to disrespect anyone or players. Thanks for reviewing 🙂


    Are your plans to build the nether hub and transportation system above the nether? If so how can people easily get to the hub?


    No its going to hopefully be just below the bedrock on the top of the nether.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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