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    Hello everyone,

    I am making this simple post to thank Cynix and the other admins for running such a great server and allowing for myself and others to enjoy minecraft as a community. I am leaving banana smores server as it is moving in other directions that I am not really into following. As of now, I have gotten rid of my residences and removed any lockette chests or doors that I have made in the game. With that, I have left all my current resources there, as well as any other goodies (enchanted armour, bows, and weapons/tools) at my former village. Hopefully someone will be able to have one last walk around the village and get some goodies for themselves. Again, this is nothing against Cyn or the other players, just a decision that I am going to move on from here to continue my adventures elsewhere.

    It has been a great time adventuring and working with everyone, hopefully our paths will cross in another server sometime in the future. I wish Cyn and the other admins all the best and I hope that your newest ventures succeed well beyond your expectations.

    Cheers everyone,


    I will miss ya


    Hey Scotty,

    Its a real bummer to hear that you want to move on. I really enjoyed having you on the server.

    I have really tried to make this group powered by the players and I am really curious on the directions we are going that you don’t agree with. Could you please let me know how we have not lived up to your expectations?

    I would sure hate to lose more members and not know where we are going wrong.


    Its nothing bad Cyn. I knew eventually the server was going to go the way of a sponsor system, and personally, I was never really into that. I am off and on quite a bit with work and life, and makes it hard to justify sponsoring that much. That being said, if I had the time, I would continue on and support your great work with the server. Again, nothing is wrong, I just feel that since I will not be sponsoring, that it is time that I step away, as I have had a great run with the server and everyone. Thanks again for all your hard work with the server, and time you put into running it. It was greatly appreciated. I will keep an eye out for any other servers you have, and maybe sometime in the future I drop in again.


    So what about the sponsor system is a problem? Currently Sponsors get more privileges for residences but nothing changed for unsponsored players. I can wholly understand not wanting to pay to play a game but I mean to leave it so that even if you don’t pay you can still play the game and do everything that you have done so far.

    I really appreciate all those that do and will choose to sponsor the group but I will never demand it to be a member will full build privileges on our survival server.

    Is there something else that I am missing?


    Nope, just moving on. I know that I could continue on with server and build normally without having to sponsor, but I am done. Your sponsor system is fine, only part being that 3 different servers might segregate the community slightly, but probably not. Again, this is simple my decisions to just be done and allow for addition space to be freed up for more active users on the server.

    Cyn, I really hope that i have not offended you or make it seem that i am angry about this. It was a simple goodbye and info about some free stuff for the other users if they wanted them.

    Last point to anyone else reading these, I am not saying that the sponsor system is bad or that the server is now done. I think it’s great and everyone should sponsor or donate if they can! Cyn and the other admins have worked very hard on this server (free up to now) and deserve some additional help to make it even better. My decision to leave is just a simple one of not having the time or want to stay on, and sponsoring was just another reason that I feel that since i wont be doing it, I might as well leave.

    Anyways Cyn, good luck and I hope that clears it up for you.



    Thank you for your input and response. I am not angry, I just want to do what I can to keep good members and continually improve the community.

    Because this is a member driven group, I need members to give me input so that I can make sure I am guiding the community in the right direction.

    I hope that you will stop by and say hi when you have free time. Sure is a bummer to see you go but I understand that life goes on. Take care Scotty, we will miss ya.

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