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    First off, I’d like to start off with an explanation of my current behavior. This by no means is an insult to anyone at all, nor an excuse for my actions. It’s merely the culmination of the end result….

    My problems with the plug-ins on the server have nothing at all to do with the server or the administration’s choice of plug-ins. It’s 100% my ignorance of plug-ins. I have said several times, I originated on a single player world. In my adolescence with Minecraft, I played, and still prefer to play on a vanilla setting. That’s just me. If you don’t, fine. More power to ya. This is just my taste, because I played for months without mods at all. I learned the game on my own without help from my peers. Sure, Youtube was there, but that’s not the same. The mods on our server, for the most part, are highly beneficial for our play styles. With the ability to create residences and port to them, we have taken the danger out of traveling. Cool, awesome… I personally, miss it. But, it’s great for you guys! I hate it, you love it. It’s opinions. Doesn’t mean either one of us are right or wrong, just means we like different things. I like adventure and danger. I consider myself a builder, a pretty good one. But, I also thrive off of the survival aspect. “Can I build this in the night without dying from a zombie siege? I hope so *bites nails*” That’s fun for me, some of you, not so much. I brag on my bow skills. How’d I get them??? Practice. Some of you, not making fun, not starting a fight, frankly, cannot survive a night without voting day. I, on the other hand, can. Giving you the ability to vote for daylight or clear skies is really awesome of the admins to incorporate, giving you the opportunity to play in respective safety. That’s incredible of them to do that for you. Personally, I hate it. I personally think it makes you a weaker player. If you never have to fight, you’re never going to get better at it. Just my opinion. Doesn’t make me right. Personally, I don’t like the plug-ins, I think they make you soft. The plug-in I have the most problems out of is the residence plug-in. As a builder, YES, I would LOVE for you to protect my build!!! Sign me up for that!!!! The problem, the residence plug-in isn’t user friendly to someone new to it, or plug-ins in general for that matter. I, personally, (are you counting how me times I say personally, yet???), don’t understand them. That’s my own fault. I have a 152 IQ, I should be smart enough to run a search engine and find out how to operate these commands properly. But, I, like many of you, are lazy. I don’t wanna waste the time. Perhaps this is the reason why myself, and many others are having such a problem figuring the residence plug-ins out. I’ve stood with my wooden axe in hand, typed the commands to expand my res, and nothing’s happened. It’s occurred more than once. To myself, and many others. The end result, Cynix comes and does it for me…. What happens if our server becomes 500 people strong? He simply doesn’t have the time to go around plotting land for us all. What about a 1000 members? 2000? If I understood all the nuances to get it to work, I’d probably not hate on it so much. So, yeah, although I can see how they’re beneficial, and although I too even use them for my own benefit, I don’t like 100% of the plug-ins. That’s just me. Yes, I LOVE teleporting where I wanna go, but then again, that’s one step away from using cheat commands and typing /tp TheChaosShaman 123 21 12. It’s cheating in my book. Yes, I too do it. But, bottom line, still cheating. Making me a weaker player. Just my opinion. Although, I disagree with the plug-ins, I will, and will continue to be in favor of them, because it makes YOU, dear reader, happier. Just hate horses are useless. 🙁

    Let me go over my build concerns. I’ve spent countless hours and many months on building things for the server. Whether some of you realize it or not, you joined the server because of a lot of my work. That sounds cocky and conceded, but it’s been my intention from day one to lead the pack. When I started working on spawn, I wanted to make the place visually appealing and impress new members. Before me, there were no roads, lights, nether hub, parks, ponds, arenas, post offices…. I’ve done a LOT, FOR YOU!!! I have begged, pleaded, bribed, and sacrificed to get more people involved into building spawn, the seed, and the community and unfortunately my pleas have for the most part went unanswered. Forum posts I put up are only answered by 5 of the same people. Thanks to you, by the way!!! It’s as if no one cares what happens or no one cares for interacting with other players. To those of you that do, THANK YOU!!! Unfortunately, when someone does show a liking into building at spawn, which I very much wish all of you would, they tend not to ask anyone their opinions of what and where they should build. If you look back, damn near everything I’ve built has been mentioned beforehand in a forum at least. But, it seems when someone has been given the green light, they say, *cartman impression*, “Screw you guys, I’ll build what I want.” After the… we’ll say at least 100 hours of building at spawn, you would think I would at least get the courtesy of asking me, “Where do you think this would look good?” Instead, I’ll log on and someone will have built something that doesn’t fit symmetrically, or that the road doesn’t connect to, or is breathing down the neck of someone elses build. Things like building a city, take planning. Not willy nilly block placement where ever you feel like. I’d appreciate the respect to at least talk to me about what I think. Even if you don’t agree and do it your own way. I’d at least like the recognition as the premiere spawn builder for someone to say, “Can I build on the land YOU cleared and connect this to the street YOU built.” It upset me. Continues to do so. Spawn building takes planning and cohesion. Whatever’s going on now, not working. But, for the betterment of the server, I’ll keep my mouth shut about this further. To each their own. No hatred. Love ya all.

    I really wish you guys would play together. I’ve made a business that would pay you money and diamonds for helping me build the 4000 ideas I have. I literally have people tell me, “I don’t need diamonds”, or, “Why do I need money for?” I’ve offered to host an Ultra Hardcore competition. I feel like I’m trying too hard to get a community involvement. Most, if not nearly 95% of the server dont’ use the teamspeak or read the forums. That tells me, you don’t give a shit about the rest of us or what we want for the evolution of the server. It’s just sad to me really. I’m kind of awesome. We’d have fun together. I can teach you a lot of things about the game. I can make you a better builder. Makes me sad.

    Atop all these concerns, I’ve been struggling with my ex over visitation with my son. I pay a crazy amount of child support based on my wage, and I’m lucky to get an hour and a half every 3 weeks. It affects my mood.
    I’ve been flat broke for about 6 weeks. My last job was a dead end and I had to find another. With the transition from one to the other, I couldn’t afford my bills. That too affected my mood.
    The anniversary of my daughter’s death just passed. This affects me.

    I’m sorry, if I’ve caused some of you to think lesser of me because of this. I know I’ve stepped on some toes. I apologize. My commitment since day one was to make something amazing. I’ve just got a little burned out lately. I’m sorry if I made an ass of myself.

    I’ll continue playing on the server, but when 1.7 Whitelist Vanilla Survival drops, I’ll spend most of my time on that server and plan on playing in a style that I’ll find more enjoyable. I’ll continue to be a Banana, but would rather be a Vanilla.

    An update post will be up tomorrow.
    Thanks for your time
    Eyes out for creepies, stack them blocks!


    Cash needs a use. Nobody has a reason to vote except the few of us that actually want to see a bigger population. Even when you could buy diamonds, it was 1000$ for a single diamond block, so 9 diamonds for 3.33 days worth of votes, that’s about 18 diamonds a week. Not really worth spending the 5 minutes it takes to vote (especially when trying to do the PMC vote, that shit takes forever sometimes)

    But yeah, I don’t even know. I’ll probably pop on to chat every day, maybe play some spleef but that’s about it. I’m pretty bored of minecraft in general, not just Bsmores.

    Peace out, see you guys in game on the 29th.


    Other servers I’ve been investigating offer a diamond for a vote. Voting on all three sites would produce a diamond pick everyday, which I would find more useful than money. That’s just me. Then the diamonds collected could be sold back to the server if they wish and make money that way.

    Another idea I had, now this one’s a little out there, people could actually follow suit and start businesses and employ players. Like a real job. LOL. Perhaps the server could even start giving out loans with interest? If you don’t pay the server back in the allotted time, consequences. Although, this seems rather difficult to manage in theory.

    We could start some type of server wide lottery and buy “tickets” for prizes. Again, dunno how that would be put into practice, but it sounds pretty cool at least.

    The money issue, sheesh. I dunno brother. There’s only like 5 shops on the entire server it seems. Even if there were more, I don’t know how many people actually take the time to go shopping. I’ve got a lot of ideas for things (TONS) and I could open 30 shops, but I don’t have enough residence slots to do it, hence why my two shops are side by side sharing the same res. Also, I don’t want to invest the time into building a bunch of shops if the demand isn’t there in the first place.

    Maybe, here me out, maybe we could spend our money, a crazy amount of it, and the admins would give us privileges? Like,…. I dunno,…. $2000 for the ability to fly for an hour or $5000 for an hour of god mode? Just an idea, not sure if I even like it. Brainstorming.

    Anyhow, lunch break’s over, back to the brewery. TTYL

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