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    So, I hear some of you get bored with MineCraft.

    Think you’re a badass, huh?

    You could probably solo an End Dragon, eh?

    Put up, or shut up!!!

    I’m now announcing a special one night competition to prove who’s the best of the best. That’s right, if you keep up with the good folk over at the MindCrack server, we’re gonna start having our own little version HERE! I will be hosting the event on my private server. Space is limited. Again, this is a PRIVATE server. Participants are forbidden in sharing the IP address. This server will only be up a few times a year, based on interest. It will NOT be a full time server.

    Basic Concept-
    Be the last man (or woman) standing. A complete PvP deathmatch to the bitter end. No cheats. No natural health regeneration. Just your skills, luck and the passion to be the best.

    Rules (may be amended in the future)-
    Natural Regeneration off. Health can only be restored by magic food, potions, or beacons.
    ZERO cheats, mods, plug-ins allowed. 100% vanilla SMP gameplay.
    No strip mining allowed.
    Players are allowed a 5 minute Kill Free grace period. After which, it is fair game.
    Players are to remain within the boundaries (as yet to be set) of the “arena”
    No outside resources allowed such as looking up the Seed online to find structures. No crafting guides. Enchantment guides. etc
    Once you are killed, you say goodbye and leave the game. Don’t distract others, don’t give others aid. Leave.
    Once the game has started, you have to finish. Logging off is a disqualification. Losses in connection are understandable as long as relog in is in a timely fashion.
    If the game hits longer than an 8 hour mark, participants are required to head back to spawn for a final encounter. Being a hermit the whole game is an immediate disqualification.

    If you are disqualified for any reason, you will be banned from all further seasons of gameplay, if this becomes popular to do 4 times a year.

    A Pixel Art statue of the Winner’s skin near BananaSmores Spawn with a commemorative plaque.
    Full Diamond gear including all armor, tools, sword and a bow.
    In Game Currency prize money!

    Entry Fees-
    3 diamonds per player (goes towards winner’s prize)
    $300 in game dollars (goes towards winner’s prize)

    Able to spend a long session online, regardless of time zone at a future date well into the future. Dates will have to be collaborated on. Some are pregnant, in school, in Europe, have kids, etc. We will have to work together to get this working out for everyone’s schedules. If for some reason you can’t make it to the scheduled game, your entry fee will be forfeited. Cost of business.

    I’d like to see some responses to this post quickly. There has to be a good amount of interest in this to get it off of the ground. Currently, signups will be 10-12 players. I’ll post another forum when signups are official and will await your payments. Keep in mind, for the low cost of one pickaxe without a handle and one day’s worth of voting, you could potentially be the winner of $3600, a diamond helmet, chestplate, leggings, boots, sword, pick, shovel, axe, hoe and have a bow to boot, as well as your own statue!

    Thoughts? Suggestions? You know where they go.
    Watch your back for creepers and keep stacking them blocks!


    In 3 days I have seen 0 interest in this event other than myself.

    Looks like I’ll be the winner if no one else gets involved. 😛


    I’d be up for it but it’ll be 2 more weeks from the 16th until I’m home from my new job way up in the northern tip of alaska next to the arctic ocean and can finally buy a computer.


    I assure you, if you want to play, I’ll not start without you. I respect you as a player and as a competitor. I would be honored if you would join season 1. You have a spot on reserve. I won’t start without you.



    the ultra harcore is a great idea but i have 1 suggestion. you shouldnt have to pay ingame cash to enter the game and instead the winner gets to pick any block in the game (even ones you cnt get in survival like sponge or 1 block of bedrock. also the only reason im not in the competition is because my computer cant handle it


    Sounds like a great idea! Sign me up if possible the only reason if I cant would be HomeWork or Life related things.


    Dano- I chose in game cash because, well, what else are you gonna do with it? It’s practically free if you vote. In addition, the rates for buying real estate will more than likely go up 10 fold by the next update so expanding residences and such will be far more costly in the future. We will not be giving out anything in the game that can’t be acquired through vanilla survival. I am not an admin for one, and can’t give out supplies as if I were in creative mode. Secondly, 3600 dollars seems a bit more useful than a single block of bedrock. There’s gonna be plenty of time to join. This event won’t go live for at least another couple of months. If you can get a computer upgrade by then, or play on a friend’s comp, you’re welcomed to join. We would love to have you.

    Fade- As previously stated, plenty of time. I wanna work it out WAY in advance so everyone can request off from work, or get a sitter for their kids, or what have you. If you’re serious, I’ll consider you signed up, which will put us at 3 definites so far. Ask around and try to get others involved if you can. We wanna get about 12 if possible. Welcome to the tournament.


    Oh and i have been messing around with Command blocks on my singleplayer and I watched a video from Vechs who had a small improvement to UHC. Basically i can set up some commands blocks at spawn that give everyone absorbtion 1 = 2 hearts. This helps from taking damage from 3 block falls and such. It comes back every 20 seconds or so depending on what we want and in pvp it dosn’t block very much damage from players making it even better. Just a thought.

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