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    We’re up! That’s right. Version 1.7.2 has been updated and the vanilla server is live. For those that wish to join, contact Cynix for details either on the forums, by in game mail, or a book at the post office.

    As I am not an OP, admin, or moderator for the vanilla server, I have no say so in what the server rules will be. But, as an active player INCREDIBLY jazzed about this, I’ll offer suggestions to make the game better.

    First, as with Banana Smores, there is no griefing or raiding. Doing so will likely result in your dismissal from the server.

    PvP is in fact ENABLED. This does not give you the right to go around hunting everyone on the server. PvP should be considered a duel. Don’t go around killing people for the hell of it. It’ll ruin community vibes. IF you’re itching for a fight, I’ll build another arena, or even possibly a Death Games.

    I’d like to come up with an invisible border that we don’t cross. Not a tangible border, but an agreed upon boundary that we don’t cross to ensure that if there are further terrain updates to the game, we’ll have unloaded chunks to be able to use for new content. This server won’t be huge. A few thousand block radius would be nice. That way you have room to move about and not be on top of one another, and yet have content for yourself down the road.

    PLEASE, no cowboys. Don’t go solo the end dragon, make it a community event. Don’t put down 2000 end portals, we wanna make a functioning Hub in the future.

    I’ve already nominated myself to build a spawn. Currently, I”m clear cutting trees to make buildings, farms and roads. I’ve studied up on build styles and I believe a rustic medieval small town would look nice. Hopefully, spawn will be a main hang out. I’ll put up a community bulletin board to keep everyone informed. Several farms (eventually automated). A few starter houses for the newbies to survive their first night. IF you want to build in spawn, YES PLEASE, just please please please please please WAIT for me to build roads first so we can have a structured city layout. That’s all I ask. Let’s just be organized. Spawn will hopefully be a busy little location, so if you wanna build a home, keep in mind, there are no teleports, so you’re gonna have to hoof it.

    Cynix has been kind enough to provide us with this incredible opportunity. Show him some support. THANKS BROTHER MAN!!! If you play minecraft, you’ve likley at least heard of the MindCrack server. Ideally, that’s what the plan is. I’m actually planning on getting a higher end microphone than the one I have, some editing software and start recording youtube videos. I think it’ll bring some new members to the family eventually, as well as getting us feedback from outside sources as to how we’re doing.

    Whatcha think?


    Just out of curiosity, is anyone else having lag issues on vanilla. Not sure if it’s my connection or what, but it’s kinda hard to fight when you’re first 3 hits don’t register. Just wanted to know if I’m the only one.


    Damn Chaos,you left me alone in 1.6.4,Just mailed cynix abt 1.7,would join in shortly 😀


    Hey Chaos,

    Is it possible if I help on building the road? This way,you can finish the spawn quicker too.
    If its a yes,can you just go on paint and paint a layout plan so i can build all the intersection and stuff?(:


    Hmmm pretty much everything I wanted to do on V. smores is the complete opposite. I was kind of hoping it’d just be raid/grief/pvp. Oh well guess Ill just stay on b smores.


    A place that griefing is allowed turns to trash really fast. I’ve seen something like this before. In the end, people won’t want to work very hard on things there, because it will just get ruined.
    I’d suggest keeping the no griefing rules, even if you’re going to allow raiding.


    There could be a sizeable protected spawn area. I’ve seen lots of anarchy vanilla servers do it using a factions plugin, but just disabling anyone else from making a faction. It would just be used to protect the spawn.

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