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    Cynix has set up a Vanilla SMP Hard Server and although it will be reset completely when 1.7 updates and all progress will be erased, I’m still enjoying playing on it. It’s a lot rougher than what I’ve grown accustomed to. I enjoy the challenge. Additionally, playing on it now is helping me blueprint what needs done when it’s finally opened up for the rest of you. Right off the bat, farms need built, first thing.

    At the moment, I’ve found 2 issues that I need checked into. First off, there’s quite a bit of block lag when destroying things, sometimes up to a full second. Secondly, out of the 500 zombies i’ve seen so far, only 2 have been in armor and even then, those that have armor or something in their hands (shovel, axe, etc) won’t drop the items when killed. The rare exception has been a damaged bow from a skeleton so far, otherwise, no gear or armor has dropped. Rather unfortunate. Perhaps mob loot drops isn’t on? I dunno. Perhaps I should just be patient. But it’s been several hundred zombies to cross my blade already and they aren’t doing crap for my inventory. Would be nice to pick up some gear. Additionally, perhaps i’m mistaken, but I’ve not seen a zombie villager except for the ones created from melee with villagers. I’ve not seen any at all roaming naturally. So, I’m thinking one of the game perimeters isn’t right for Vanilla Hard. Worth a check into Cyn.

    I built a small starter home and 2 gardens with farms near spawn for anyone joining. Rebreed, replant…
    I’ve since traveled not terribly far away and started working on breeding villagers. Without minecarts at the moment, it’s a bit rough. Having to water push them in canals. Already lost 2. I didn’t realize til now that zombies (or mobs in general I guess) can attack something in the corner of a block. I suppose you kinda glitch through it a bit or something. Dunno, but i’ve lost 2 villagers to zombies already and they were completely enclosed. I’m assuming zombies got ’em through the corners. After I get some breeding down pat, I’m gonna set up an iron farm and then go back to villager breeding and try to set up the perfect trades so they flood me with emeralds. If I play my cards right, I’ll be in full diamond gear and never once had to go caving for it.

    Current server occupants are myself, Skampp and Ctriana, who won’t officially be playing until after the update.

    Watch your backs for creepers (mine are worse)
    Keep Stacking Blocks


    I retract my previous statement about mob loot. Directly after I wrote this, I logged back on and the next two zombies to approach me were wearing armor. The first was full gold, which dropped nothing, and the second was wearing a golden helm, which I picked up. I stand corrected.


    Yeah will be awesome, can’t wait to see a 1.7 world and play it up. Should make a sheep pen because the first thing people need when they make a base is wool for a bed so you at least go back to your bed if you die.


    I’d like to hit it with an organized attack plan. That way new players can join in and immediately have food and shelter to survive the first night.

    I’ve thought about breaking into separate teams of people. Those that are good at survival be the scouts and go explore the land, but not settle. We could hook them up with food and maps and send them off. If they find something indispensable (mycelium for instance) Bring it back to spawn.

    Another team could be on building shelters and clearing land, while yet another do nothing but hardcore farming of all crop types and all animal breeds.

    Perhaps another team devoted to lighting spawn and keeping guard. I dunno.

    Regardless, I think if we hit it simultaneously, we’d be set up splendidly within a couple of hours. At least, that’s my plan anyhow. It was hard starting off, but once I had steady food, life got easier quick. I’m interested in villager breeding and trading right off the bat, so once we settle spawn, I’d like to move near a village if no one has a complaint. I wanna set up villager trade right off the bat and work on an iron farm.

    It’d be cool if we all agreed not to unload an ungodly amount of the map, so we can update later on. Like stick to one continent or something of the like. I don’t even know what seed we will be using. I mean, I’d love to help pick one out, but then, I’d know every where to go, so that’s kinda cheating. But, you get what I’m saying. Don’t wanna travel 3000 blocks to find sand or something like that.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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