New version of Minecraft.

Hello all. If you are having a hard time joining our server because we are out of date here is what you can do to play with us.

If you game is open close it. Re run your launcher. Before you click play! Click on Edit Profile in the bottom left corner. In the new window look for Use Version about half way down and select 1.6.2 in the dropdown box. Now just click Save Profile and Play.

Why are we not updating right away?
As you may know we are using a craftbukkit server. Now that Mojang released an update the Bukkit community needs time to rewrite their API and plugins so that they are compatible with the latest update. As soon as they have a stable build and our important plugins are compatible with the new API we will upgrade and ask everyone to update their profiles to use the new version.

If you have any questions feel free to ask and hopefully we will still see everyone in the game.

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