Pure Spawn

Pure  is our most vanilla survival server. We have a massive 70k diameter world for our players to explore and build in. Our unique spawn is made up of player builds and shops and we recommend exploring spawn to see their creations and to find starter resources. Players have added chests with free food, gear and tools to help new members start their survival adventure. Just ask in chat or explore spawn to find what resources are available. Outside the west exit of the spawn building you will find a wall with "Player Shops" and "Interesting Places" which includes public grinders for easy experience and mob drops.  This is a helpful resource for both new members and veterans of our server.To make your survival adventure run smoothly, we have added three enhancements to the Pure server; an economy, transportation, and grief protection.

  1. With our economy system, players can gain money by voting for the server on several websites and they can create shops to sell and buy goods using the ChestShop plugin.
  2. We have added transportation on this server to increase interaction between players and locations. Players can use /home, /tpa, /tpahere, and /spawn commands. In addition, when players create grief protected zones, called Residences, the player can also decide to make the residence a teleport spot for anyone.
  3. Lastly, We have extensive grief protection to ensure every player is able to build without worrying about destructive players. Players can protect their own land and chests using either Residence or Lockette plugins. Additionally, our staff can reverse griefing if it does occur. This means that you can prevent griefing, but if you fail to do so, staff can help out in most cases.
Basic Residence Information

The economy on this server provides that a player's effort to earn money ties directly to the amount of land protectable by that player. Protecting land with the Residence plugin costs $0.02 in game currency per block protected. This means if a user wants to protect a 20x20x256 space, it will cost $2048 or in game money. Sponsors can protect land for $0.01 per block. This helps the community because players earn money by voting for the server, which drives traffic to the server. Players can also use the money from voting to buy and sell items to other players seamlessly through the use of the ChestShop plugin. To learn more about residences, follow the link to a great article on our sister server: Residences

In keeping with the Vanilla Minecraft Survival experience,  blocks are never generated  by admins, weather is never changed, and time is never set except for in game methods such as sleeping.

Plugins Installed
  • Residence
  • ChestShop
  • Lockette
  • Dynmap
  • Votifier
  • BungeeSuite
  • Essentials



Server Links
Game Address: mc.BetterInGame.com
WorldMap: http://pure.betteringame.com
Player Name Color: Green
World Size: 70k diameter

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