spawnships of the sky server

Sky is a Skyblock server where you spawn on a floating island and must survive, grow your island and complete challenges with the resources available to you.One unique aspect of our Skyblock server is that we have 3 different island types to choose from when you begin. Each island has a different difficulty upon creation. You can choose to start with dual islands with the maximum amount of resources, a single skyblock island with just the basics, or a compact island with the least amount of resources. How much do you want to be challenged?

Each island can be expanded to 100x100 and y access from 1-256, so you have plenty of room to create your Sky Empire. Challenges are an important part of Skyblock as well.  They allow you to gain the money and rewards needed to successfully expand your island. Rewards such as mob spawn eggs, dirt, iron and even diamonds allow you to develop your island to it's full potential. With the ingame money you receive, you can purchase items from the Admin Shop, the mini shop, or from other Player Shops to help you on your way. You can find challenges in the island GUI or by typing /challenges.

Our player made spawn is comprised of 4 custom Airships.
~~The First Ship is where you will find basic Skyblock rules and tips for starting your island successfully. We recommend you read the rules and tips before starting your island.
~~On the Second Ship you will find the Admin shop where you can purchase otherwise unavailable or hard to get items like packed ice, quartz and diamonds.
~~The Third Ship is our villager slave trade ship where you will find a variety of villagers waiting to trade with you.
~~The last ship is a parkour challenge just for fun. See if you can make it all the way to the pirate ship. Warning: You can (and likely will) fall out of the world. Don't parkour with valuables in your inventory.

Basic Sky Commands
  • /is help: For a full list of player commands.
  • /is create: Creates your new island.
  • /is restart: Restarts your island. (Warning: You only get 3 restarts)
  • /is coop <name>: Give temporary permissions to build on your island.
  • /is invite <name>: Invite a player to live on your island.
  • /is go: To warp to your island
  • /is: Brings up the island GUI
  • askyblock
  • greenhouses
  • chestshops
  • craftbook
  • Essentials
  • core protect
  • world edit
  • dynmap
  • MCBans
Server Links
Game Address:
Player Name Color: Cyan

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