Do you like Banana Smores so much that you would like to donate to our community? If so here is the place that you can do so. Being a Sponsor is good because you get more game for your contribution. Sponsors pay $25 for the first month and are signed up for a $5 monthly subscription. In our Survival world you will get more, larger residences and more teleports. You will also have access to our creative Minecraft server and our fully vanilla server. Details for the other server will be given upon receipt of payment.

Here is a list of our survival world benefits for our sponsors:

    • 5 Residences
    • Protect up to a 500x500 area [/res limits]
    • Extra Residence area
    • 5 Home Teleports [/home]

  • Hat [/hat]
  • Workbench [/workbench]
  • EnderChest [/enderchest]
  • No TP timer (Instant TP)
  • No TP Cooldown (TP again immediately)
  • TP to position [/tppos x 65 z]
  • TP to top [/top]
  • TP to The End
  • Post URL's in chat
  • Chat Coloring
  • Chat Styling
  • Chat Magic
  • Sign Format
  • Sign Magic
  • Sign Color
  • Can start a vote to ban a player [/vote ban]
  • Can add upto 5 people to the Vanilla Whitelist

Your ongoing sponsorship of Banana S'mores is very much appreciated. The benefits for being an active sponsor will be rewarded by maintaining access to our additional servers.

To sign up just click the button below and you will be redirected to PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to become a sponsor but they are the only way to become a sponsor at this point.

Checkout Options
1 Month @ $20.00 / then $10 USD / Monthly (recurring charge, for ongoing access)
Create Profile
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Billing Method
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After you go through the PalPal process your account will automatically get the extra permissions on all of our servers within 5 minutes.

Thank you very much for your support of our community.

There are some awesome people that would just like to make a donation without any benefits back. Here is a button for those rare breed of awesome individuals.

You can always cancel your recurring payments at PayPal and we will always give you the ability to do so on our site. If you would like to cancel click this button. Beware that if you cancel before your first month is up you will loose your privileges sooner than you would like.  PayPal